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Innovation In Clinical Research

Baim Institute for Clinical Research  is an innovative non-profit academic research organization, leading interventional and non-interventional studies across drugs, devices, and diagnostics, translating results into practice, and measuring change.

Our team delivers insight, innovation, and leadership to develop creative solutions that reduce the obstacles to implementation and enrollment of clinical trials.


Our mission is to improve health and quality of life by collaborating with academic health systems, industry partners, and patients to conduct high quality clinical research in a professionally nurturing, inclusive, equitable, and world-class academic environment.


Our faculty provide important scientific leadership across therapeutic areas, design clinical trials that can be implemented in practice, oversee the operations and analysis of all aspects of clinical trials and translate the results of trials with new pharmacologic and device therapies into practice. View all Baim faculty

Insight And Expertise

The Baim Institute engages experts with deep clinical and research experience to nurture a network of community and academic institutions to design, implement, and analyze the results of clinical trials to answer critical questions. We communicate the results across the site network and beyond to translate the results into practice.

Trial Design

Baim works collaboratively with the stakeholders, reviews the science, and designs a study that can be effectively implemented at trial sites, assuring that enrollment goals are met.

Study Leadership

At Baim Institute, clinical trialists are also faculty experts in the disease or condition of interest and are matched with the study to ensure success.

Site Engagement

Our experience has created contacts across continents with the shared goal of executing clinical trials that add to our knowledge base.


Performing quality statistical analysis is a critical component of clinical research, ensuring results are accurate and stand up to FDA scrutiny.

The news and evidence in cardiology rapidly evolves. Follow the news with us!

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