Alexander Turchin, MD, MS

Dr. Turchin is Director of Informatics Research at the Division of Endocrinology at Brigham
and Women’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr.
Turchin is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (Medical Informatics). His research focuses on analysis of electronic
medical record data; he uses advanced informatics technologies including natural language processing to study quality of care and outcomes in chronic endocrine diseases. Dr. Turchin has published over 90 papers and book chapters; his research has been funded by AHRQ, NIH and private foundations. Dr. Turchin is a Fellow of American College of Medical Informatics and is a member of the Endocrine Society Quality Improvement Subcommittee and the Founding Chair of the HealthCare Delivery and Quality Improvement Interest Group of the American Diabetes Association.

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