Case Studies

Creating a Clinical Event Committee in a New Therapeutic Area

In a recent study with cardiac endpoints, we were unexpectedly required to review and adjudicate approximately 250 deaths non-cardiac deaths for a possible association to cancer. This work needed to be completed within three weeks to meet a deadline for presentation at a major scientific conference.


Event Identification for a Large and Complex Global Study

Within the landmark DAPT Study (see related Case Study), our Clinical Events team faced a number of challenges that had to be overcome in order to complete the study for all of the eight funding companies and the FDA.


Assessing Adjudication Quality

Our Clinical Events Committee (CEC) team has been adjudicating events for years and has created processes that have been adopted by many other AROs and CROs.


Establishment of an Emergency CEC Panel to RESCUE a Study

When it was clear that an existing CEC adjudication process by a different organization was not going to be able to process the number of endpoint events to meet the sponsor’s expected timelines, the sponsor came to the Baim Institute and asked us to adjudicate over 4,000 events within a seven month window to complete all adjudications prior to database lock.