Arrhythmia Core Lab and EQoL Research Center

The Baim Institute provides niche academic services to augment clinical study management.

Specialty Academic Research Services

The Baim Institute’s ECG and Arrhythmia Core Laboratory provides sponsors with expert interpretation and analysis  of ECGs, ambulatory monitoring tracings, and device electrograms.

Under the direction of Peter Zimetbaum, M.D., the Director of the ECG Core Laboratory, all tracings are interpreted by a board-certified cardiologist or electrophysiologist with comprehensive evaluation of rhythm, conduction intervals, and morphology. The Baim Institute ECG and Arrhythmia Core Laboratory also can provide pediatric ECG analysis, various morphologic quantitative analyses, signal averaged ECGs, exercise ECGs, and has ambulatory monitoring capabilities for CT and MRI scans.

The Economics and Quality of Life (EQoL) Research Center is dedicated to providing assessments that aid in the development of new medical therapies.

The Baim Institute’s EQoL group provides expert trial design, sophisticated biostatistics, and diligent follow-up of patients in clinical trials. The EQoL group is led by a board-certified clinical cardiac electrophysiologist, Dr. Matthew Reynolds of Tufts Medical School and the Lahey Clinic Medical Center, who is trained in health outcomes research, including health economics and quality of life. The EQoL project team is composed of experienced biostatisticians, project managers, research coordinators and patient interviewers.