Data Management

Quality study results rely upon the capture of quality data. At the onset of a study, the Baim Institute’s data management team ensures that all of the necessary data for a study is captured in the database and that the final dataset is clean, locked, and ready for analysis.

The Importance of Data Integrity

One of the foundational strengths of the Baim Institute is our core data management capability.  Our data management team integrates with and provides support to our other operational functions, leading to greater efficiencies in process flow and data handling. These data managers are actively engaged in monitoring the conduct of the study to ensure that it is progressing as expected.

Complementing our data management services is our electronic data capture (EDC) capabilities.  EDC technology has been a fundamental part of the Baim Institute’s data management services since 2006. We have a long-established relationship with Oracle’s InForm system and, in that time, we have built more than 30 clinical databases within InForm, gathering expertise in database design and proficiency in the use and support of this software. The Baim Institute is currently developing InForm 5.5 databases, using the Central Designer tool. In addition, we have provided user management support for more than 800 global sites running studies within InForm.

In addition to InForm, the Baim Institute uses Merge’s eClinicalOS EDC system. eClinicalOS is quickly becoming one of the industry’s preferred EDC platforms and gives the Baim Institute the flexibility to evaluate and suggest the right EDC database for a given study.

The Baim Institute data management group provides the following services:

  • CRF Design
  • eCRF and Edit Check Design
  • EDC Database Build
  • Data Status Reports
  • Data Cleaning