Case Studies

Defining the Clinical Pathway for the Emerging Valve Space

Designing and executing a pivotal clinical trial for a small emerging device company

The DAPT Study: A Case Study in Collaboration

The Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Study (DAPT) was a landmark clinical trial which we designed and managed, with the objective of determining the appropriate duration of dual antiplatelet therapy following placement of a drug-eluting coronary stent.

Drug Eluting Stents and Stent Leadership

In the early days of the Drug-Eluting Stent market, we were turned to by many start-up enterprises to design their IDE DES clinical trials, as a clear pathway for these emerging devices was lacking at the time.

Leadership in Trials for Other Novel Devices

Beyond our leadership in stent and valve trials, we have served in a critical role for numerous other types of first-in-class and best-in-class devices, beyond bare metal and drug-eluting stents.