Gheorghe Doros, PhD

A Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Biostatistics group at the Boston University, Department of Public Health, Dr. Doros’ research on methodological approaches and strategies is concentrated in Bayesian approaches to clinical trials and placebo response. His numerous publications of innovative research methods across disciplines have been significant advances to design and analyses in clinical trials. His work as an educator has been highlighted with awards.

Dr. Doros joined the Harvard Clinical Research Institute in 2013 and has been instrumental in the transition of the organization to the Baim Institute of Clinical Research. At Baim, Dr. Doros is the Director of Biostatistics where he works across the portfolio of research.

He has held positions as a member of the subcommittee for Epidemiology at the Department of Veteran Affairs, a member of NHLBI Ancillary Studies in Clinical Trials, and as an editor for numerous academic journals. He has served as a statistical expert on Independent Data Monitoring Committees for clinical trials.

He received PhD in Statistics from Yale University and then spent two years at Eli Lilly after which he joined the faculty at Boston University’s School of Public Health.