Medical Informatics

Electronic Health Records can serve both as a tool for subject identification, as well as a source of data for clinical analysis. The Baim Institute’s Medical Informatics function assists sponsors by employing EHR data as the primary source for analyses or as a supplement to augment their dataset.

Unlocking the Trove of Electronic Health Records

With the high cost of running a clinical trial today, more and more sponsors are turning to electronic health records (EHR) as a source of data on patients who are eligible for a study. With countless numbers of different EHR systems globally, generalizing and harmonizing these data has become a unique challenge. Led by Dr. Alexander Turchin, an informatician and practicing endocrinologist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, the Baim Institute leverages EHR data to optimize trial design and site selection, and facilitate identification of potentially eligible patients.

In addition to using EHR data to support clinical trials, we can assist in interpretation and analysis of EHR data for real-life-data investigations. Advanced analytical techniques, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), can be applied to maximize analytical output from complex EHR data sets.