Ralph D’Agostino, Sr, PhD

As the Executive Director for Biostatistics at the Baim Institute for Clinical Research, Dr. D’Agostino works across the spectrum of trials. He has deep experience in epidemiology, prognostic models, longitudinal analysis, multivariate analysis, and outcomes/effectiveness research. His work in the development of cardiovascular risk prediction models has been used in American Heart Association Guidelines and has been applied to web-based models for general consumer use.
He has been an integral part of the Framingham Heart Study since 1981 and was Director of Data Management and Statistical Analysis for the study for over 30 years. Twice awarded the FDA Commissioner’s Special Citation, he has served as an Expert Consultant to the Biometrics Division, the Over-the-Counter Drugs Division, the Oncology Drugs Division, Device Division, the Cardiovascular-Rena Drugs Division and the Gastrointestinal Drugs Division at the FDA. Having authored more than 700 peer-reviewed publications and multiple books, he is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the American Heart Association. He has served as an editor of numerous statistical and leading medical journals and continues to function in this capacity. With a PhD from Harvard, Dr. D’Agostino is Professor of Mathematics/Statistics, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology at Boston University. He is also the Director of the Statistics and Consulting Unit and the Executive Director of the MA/PhD Program in Biostatistics.