Roger J. Laham, MD

Roger J. Laham, MD is a high volume Interventional cardiologist and proliferative scientist. He performs coronary, peripheral and structural interventions and is the Director of the Structural Heart Center at BIDMC/Harvard Medical School. 

He has had numerous contributions that advanced the field of Interventional cardiology and peripheral vascular disease. Dr. Laham’s research activities centered on translational research in vascular biology, angiogenesis, myogenesis, imaging and new device development. These efforts have taken the form of basic research projects focused on restenosis and the endothelial responses to angiogenic growth factors, animal research projects focused on physiologic assessment of coronary angiogenesis in porcine models of myocardial ischemia and murine models of acute myocardial infarction, drug delivery research, cell and stem-cell based therapy, myotissue transplantation, and clinical trials testing efficacy of angiogenic growth factors and new devices in patients with advanced coronary disease and congestive heart failure, and imaging of coronary disease (Multidetector CT), IVUS, and PET/CT for vulnerable plaque imaging, structural heart disease and percutaneous valves. 

His research has been funded by Hewlett-Packard, General Clinical Research Center, NCRR, SCOR program (NIH), CIMIT award, and Massachusetts Technology Transfer office Award, as well as industry funding. Dr Laham develops new devices and hold patents for percutaneous aortic valve replacement, myocardial regeneration, percutaneous left atrial appendage exclusion, and percutaneous myocardial restraining devices, among others. He is the principal investigator on several clinical studies including new device trials. His research efforts have been recognized by his peers with greater than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journal as well as presentations at most National and International meetings in Cardiology.