Shinya Goto, MD

Shinya Goto, M.D., Ph.D. is currently a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine (Cardiology) at the Tokai University School of Medicine, Isehara; Director and Chairman, Research Center of Metabolic Disease, Tokai University Graduate School of Medicine; director, Section of new drug development at the Institute of Medical Science in Tokai University all in Japan.

Professor Goto gained his qualification in Medicine from the Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan in 1986. Then, Professor Goto received the degree of Dr. Medical Science (Ph. D equivalent) from Keio University Graduate School of Medicine at 1992. Then, Prof. Goto underwent Post-doctoral training at the Department of Experimental Medicine, the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA at 1992. Prof. Goto move back to Japan as an Assistant Professor at Tokai University at 1996. After completion of bio-chemical research dissecting the mechanism of platelet thrombus formation under blood flow condition, Prof. Goto move back to Japan as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tokai Universty. He was promoted to Associate Professor at 2002 and then achieved full title Professorship at the Department of Medicine (Cardiology) Tokai University School of Medicine in Japan at 2007.

Professor Goto is world well known Cardiologist, especially in the area of Thrombo-Cardiology. His research contribution cover from biological experimental of platelet adhesion/activation/aggregation under shearing conditions, clinical registry/trial of various antithrombotic agents, and recently include in silico bio-technology research with the use of high performace computer technology.

Prof. Goto has published more than 200 original peer-reviewed resarch papers to highly respected journals such as New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Lancet, JAMA and Circulation. Professor Goto is an associate editor for Circulation, section editor for Thrombosis and Haemostasis, an associate editor for Journal of Biorheology and is a member of the editorial boards for many scientific journals.

Due to his great contribution in Thrombo-Cardiology, Prof. Goto received highly respectecd scientific award such as the op award given in the field of biomedical engineering measuring technologies by the Nakatani foundation. Prof. Goto is the President of the Japanese Society of Biorheology, vice-President of the Japanese College of Angiology, and also contribute to the managements of various international and domestic academic societies. 


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