The publications listed within this section represent a sampling of scientific papers, abstracts and presentations that the Baim Institute’s faculty have authored and that are the direct result of clinical research conducted at the Baim Institute. 

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Prognosis of patients with secondary mitral regurgitation and reduced ejection fraction.


Mowakeaa S, Dwivedi A, Grossman JR, Parikh G, Curillova Z, Aragam KG, Elmariah S, Kinlay S, Aragam J.

Association of Acylcarnitines With Left Ventricular Remodeling in Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.


Elmariah S, Farrell LA, Furman D, Lindman BR, Shi X, Morningstar JE, Rhee EP, Gerszten RE.

Silent Myocardial Infarction: Listen to the Evidence.


Gibson CM, Nafee T, Kerneis M.

A multinational clinical approach to assessing the effectiveness of catheter-based ultrasound renal denervation: The RADIANCE-HTN and REQUIRE clinical study designs.


Mauri L, Kario K, Basile J, Daemen J, Davies J, Kirtane AJ, Mahfoud F, Schmieder RE, Weber M, Nanto S, Azizi M.

Association of insurance type with receipt of oral anticoagulation in insured patients with atrial fibrillation: A report from the American College of Cardiology NCDR PINNACLE registry.


Yong CM, Liu Y, Apruzzese P, Doros G, Cannon CP, Maddox TM, Gehi A, Hsu JC, Lubitz SA, Virani S, Turakhia MP; ACC PINNACLE Investigators..

Cangrelor compared with clopidogrel in patients with prior myocardial infarction - Insights from the CHAMPION trials.


Eisen A, Harrington RA, Stone GW, Steg PG, Gibson CM, Hamm CW, Price MJ, Prats J, Deliargyris EN, Mahaffey KW, White HD, Bhatt DL; CHAMPION Investigators.